Younger, source of energy, power unlimited
Jobs Title:Testing enginner Sex: Open Academic requirements: Undergraduate Course
Age:20 -- 35 Number:1 Apply Online
familiar with laptop battery, power bank PCM, understand the testing of battery pack.
Jobs Title:Sales Excutive Sex: Open Academic requirements: Undergraduate Course
Age:23 -- 33 Number:2 Apply Online
1, 3 years working experience at foreigh trading business. 2, Understand laptop battery or famliar with electric products. 3, work hard 4, Grade 8 English level or equivalent.
Jobs Title:customer service Sex: Open Academic requirements: Middle School
Age:19 -- 30 Number:8 Apply Online
1, familiar with Taobao, pat, eBay and other online shopping operation process, more than 1 year experience of online shopping management and sales; 2, familiar with computer operation, PS, typing speed 50 words / min or more; 3, strong brand awareness, communication skills, familiar with Taobao sales and the problem can be can found and solved in time; 4, data-sensitive, quick thinking, language ability, love network marketing and have a clear understanding of the development of e-commerce , a sense of innovation and strong product management; 5, Taobao, pat, Dangdang, eBay shop or shopping sites such as crown shop experience preferred.

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